What will be the penalty for not having health insurance in 2014 in Santa Monica and the rest of California ?

Starting in 2014 there will be a penalty for not having health insurance in Santa Monica , California and the rest of the USA.

The penalty for 2014  will be with $ 95 annual per person low. But the penalty will increase in 2015 to $ 325 and in 2016 to $ 695 and will increase each your depending on the Silver Level premium level of the health care exchange. The penalty is naturally not tax deductible. Also you will only be able to enroll in the health care exchange during the open enrollment period. So not carrying health insurance can be risky.For many Americans there will be subsidies available to help pay for the health insurance when enrolling in the healthcare exchange. To figure out if you qualify for a subsidy you need just to find out your modified annual gross income of your tax form 1040 from 2012. Use this helpful subsidy calculator. 

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