California will receive $ 674 Million Federal Grant for the implementation of the health insurance exchange

Preparation  in California for the health insurance exchange for 2014 are in full swing. Earlier this month the federal government approved the the blueprint for the health insurance exchange in  California and now with granting $ 674 Million of Federal Grant for the health insurance exchange in  California the needed resources are available to make the exchanges a reality .

Agents will start their training in May or June and will be able to assist you in October to find the suitable affordable health insurance package for your family and small business for 2014. Health questions are less relevant . There will be only a distinction of smoker and non smoker. But a new question will be asked. What is your annual modified gross income of 2014 ? Depending on your annual modified gross income you might be able to receive a federal subsidy ( see $ 674 Million Federal Grant) and than the new health insurance exchange might be very attractive to find affordable health insurance.

Solid Health Insurance Services will help you to find affordable health insurance and assist you  now to find alternatives to the steep increases from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield for 2013. While preparing your taxes for 2012 please keep in mind that the annual modified gross income of your 1040 tax form will determine if you qualify for a federal subsidy of next year. So please do talk to your tax consultant as you might not be able to get subsidies on the health insurance exchange in California.