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Term Life Insurance will protect your family and your business for a specific time frame with the desired money protection.


Term Life Insurance offers the lowest premium among all the life insurance choices.

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You can choose a time frame from 10,20,30 years.

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Our mission is to find affordable life insurance which best protects your individual, family and small business needs!

Biography of Barbara Kempen


Business Expert

Barbara's strong sense of organization and hard work has allowed her to be a successful business expert in Los Angeles for over 25 years.


After handling the insurance matters for a manufacturing company for 5 years, Barbara founded Solid Health Insurance Agency in 2008 and enjoys serving her community ever since.

Personal Approach

Her clients enjoy her very personal approach to find the best insurance package for them. Her consultative approach helps the client to understand the many different choices and helps to find a “solid” plan.

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When our company was looking for group health insurance, Barbara was the most knowledgeable agent we spoke to by far. She recommended the plans that best fit out staff without any agenda and saw us through every step of the process with a smile.

Greg Dixon

AIM Higher Construction

QuoteBarbara's innate knowledge of insurance and her tireless efforts to inform us of the seemingly endless litany of insurance possibilities provides us with a sense of relief and trust that we’re being taken care of. She, quite literally, has saved us thousands of dollars.

Rumba art. design. decor

QuoteBarbara has handled the insurance issues for my companies for 6 years. She is highly knowledgable and finds the most affordable plans. in the waste amount of plans, she finds the plan which fits the best for my company.

West LA Real Estate Group, Inc.

Barbara of Solid Health Insurance Agency has cut my workers’ compensation premium in half. Thank you for saving me thousands of dollars.

Abe Vasquez

Callehan's Restaurant

QuoteI have found Barbara Kempen of Solid Health Insurance Services to be very proactive in representing my interests in getting the best insurance coverage at the best rates. I appreciate how much time she puts into serving my individual interests.

Barbara T.

QuoteBarbara has been a tremendous help for me over the past two years. She is consistently available and eager to help with any of my insurance needs. She is always patient and helpful. She represents me as a client with full commitment and integrity.

Juliet M.

With Barb's help, I now have great insurance that I can afford. Thanks Barb!

Sarah T.

QuoteBarbara helped me find excellent insurance after I began working from home. She was a big help and always available for questions/concerns. Thanks!

Matt B.

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