Special Enrollment Period for Small Businesses seeking health insurance for 2016

A very low-key  Special Enrollment Period for small businesses seeking group health insurance in 2016  ends on Monday, December 15th, 2015 in California .

During this brief time period , from November 15th to December 15 2015, Small businesses who are seeking health insurance will not be required to meet the general enrollment guideline of  70% employee participation, nor do they have to contribute 50 % towards their employees’ health insurance.

Outside the Special Enrollment Period meaning from ( December 16th 2015 to November 14th 2016) the following Guidelines are taken place for Shop and Many of the Insurance Carriers

Eligibility Guidelines for SHOP outside of the Special Enrollment Period

Participation Requirement:   Min of 70% of eligible employees of the qualified employer must enroll in health insurance coverage through the SHOP,

Contribution Requirement:  Min 50% of the lowest-cost premium for employee-only coverage,

 Please take advantage of the special enrollment period for small business. ‘

For a free quote for health insurance for your small business please contact Solid Health Insurance Services in Los Angeles.