See Change introduces new group health insurance policies in Brentwood, California

The financial sound health insurance company “See Change” has been in other states for 39 years and entered the California market and Brentwood with their very affordable group health insurance plans since 2011.

“See Change” has a new approach of providing health insurance and wants that their members take active charge of their own health. “Which means employees have a better quality of life and employers a healthier, more productive workforce and lower , stable rate”

How  “See Change” gets to take employees to be actively in charge of their own health is as follows.

The employer sign up for standard benefits,  then the member (employee ) completes an online preventive Health Action questionaire , an age and gender-specific health screening and participate in a biometric screening. Depending on the specific plan , See Change will reward than the employee with lower out-of-pocket costs, cash rewards or both – at no additional cost to the employer.

For employees with specific chronic conditions, there are additional Chronic Condition Health Actions to help members deal with them – and be rewarded by doing so.

The provider network of “See Change” is the Cigna network, one of the most comprehensive network in California.

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