Confused if preventive care is 100 % covered in your health insurance Plan in Brentwood?

Are you one of  so many people in Brentwood, who are  confused if their health insurance plan covers preventive care 100 percent?

You are not the only one accordingly to a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation more than 42% of Americans are unsure of how the health care reforms will affect their health insurance .

Generally if you bought your health insurance plan by 2011  preventive care is 100 % percent covered. If you bought your plans between March 23 2010 and 2011 preventive care it still might not be covered, and any plan bought prior to March 23 2010 have no preventive care for free.- these plans are called “grandfathered plan “. Grandfathered plans can loose their status if the premium rises.

Preventive care are considered annual check ups, flu and children’s immunization, cholesterol screening, annual pap smears and annual mammograms and preventive colonoscopies. To stay healthy it is advisable to do do these preventive care on a regular schedule. Finding cancer cells at an early stage can prevent death., and that is why we find the implementation of free preventive care in the health care reform a big progress.

Unfortunately looking at the recent rate increases from all major carriers, it appears that the free preventive care comes at a cost, as most premiums are considerably higher than the past. Let us help you to find affordable health insurance in Brentwood, and tailor a health plan that fits your needs.