Affordable Health Insurance is hard to find in Brentwood, West Los Angeles

This weekend I just exhibited at a school fair in West Los Angeles, and there where so many young families who expressed their great frustration with  finding affordable health insurance for their young families in Brentwood, West Los Angeles.

Many of these young families just gave up and are paying their  high premium. But at the school fair I had the opportunity to talk to them. For example one family had three young children, so I asked them if they planned to have more children and they laughed at me and said that I must be kidding. After they gave me the info of their health plans, I mentioned to them that they are on a plan which offers maternity coverage and these plans are much more expensive than regular plans. So instead of being frustrated with high premiums, we discussed the possibilities to switch to a plan without maternity, which will save this particular family about $ 200- $ 300 monthly, that is a yearly saving of $ 2400-$ 3600.-

Another young family had pre-existing medical conditions, and after talking to them, I learned that the husband and wife own a business together. Yes for a group policy you do need only 2 partners . A group policy offers a wide range of plans and pre-existing medical conditions are most of the time irrelevant. This family has the opportunity to now choose HMO plans, which are really expensive in the individual market but not in the group market. Many people are afraid of HMO’s, but if you have a good primary physician, you will have  excellent care for  a fraction of the price you pay on PPO plans. If you do not like HMO plans, you still have the opportunity of a wide range of  PPO plans  in the group market.

Out of my wonderful experience at the school fair at Goethe International School in West Los Angeles, I learned that so many people need help to navigate through the health insurance market.

I am here for you to help your family and small business to find affordable  health insurance in  Brentwood, West Los Angeles.