A Win-Win Way to find affordable Healthinsurance in Santa Monica for Small Businesses

Finding affordable Health Insurance for small businesses in Santa Monica is not easy, but did you know when combining workers compensation from Employers with your Health Insurance from AnthemĀ  you can save 10 % for both insurance policies?

We have many small business in Santa Monica. Many of these business do not have employees but instead use 1099 independent contractors. If the 1099 contractor works at your facility for a set amount of hours, you obligated under California law to provide workers compensation for these 1099’ers. If one of the 1099 contractor gets injured while working for you, you are liable for the workers compensation claim. The penalty of not having workers compensation are very high.

You can save on the workers compensation with Employers 10 % when also offering Health insurance with Anthem, even your health insurance can be 10 % reduced. This a classic win-win situation.

This is only one way to find affordable Health Insurance for small business in Santa Monica.