West Los Angeles Health Insurance Agent suggest to review your Health Insurance

With all the changes in the Health Insurance Industry there has been never a more important time than now to review with me, your agent in West Los Angeles, your current health insurance.

What is your yearly deductible and out-of-pocket maximum, which will renew in January? Does it make sense for you to move into a plan which follows the new health care reform, or should you stay on your “grandfathered plan “? Though the premiums of these new plans are slightly higher, but they also come with great incentives, such asinsurance

preventive care at zero cost to you.
Take the time to review your plan for the next year. Changing plans or companies might increase your benefits and save money!

The advantages of the new plans “non-grandfathered Plan“versus the old “grandfathered plans” are:
  • No cost sharing for Immunization or Preventive Care
  • No discrimination in favor of highly compensated individuals
  • Allow individuals to choose OB-GYN without referral
  • Allow individuals to choose pediatricians for child’s primary care provider
  • Allow Emergency Services without pre-authorization and treat as In-Network-Provider