Transparency in health care cost is one way to find affordable health insurance in Brentwood

We need more transparency in health care cost, which will result to finding better affordable health insurance in Brentwood.

Anyone who has received in the recentĀ  years a hospital bills, has the same reaction, why is this health care bill so high and why is there so much room for negotiation. Most of the time at the end, the hospitals bill will be a third of the original bill. Why can’t we get bills with the correct amount at the beginning.

If you are planning on getting surgery and want to figure out the approximate cost of the surgery in your neighborhood, the federal government website www.hospitalcompare. is a good starting tool. As it is based on Medicare patients you should estimate approx. 25 – 50 % additional surchargeĀ  for patients who are not medicare eligible.

The more transparent medical care cost are, the more consumers will question alternative treatments, which than can possible improve the way we find affordable health insurance in Brentwood.