The Vaccination debate continues – new health insurance policies are covering the cost of vaccination in Brentwood

The vaccination debate continues in Brentwood, Los Angeles. Although all new health insurance plans cover 100 % of the immunization cost for children, more parents have been opting out of inoculations for their kids due to personal beliefs and unfounded fears. With the incidence of measles and whooping cough rising, children who are un-vaccinated are putting others at risk.

There are legitimate reasons for some children not to be vaccinated, medical concerns, if children have had an allergic to a vaccines, but many expert belief that it should not be so easy to opt out of vaccines. California should reexaming the”personal belief exemption rule”  and tightening procedures. In a heated discussion in the LA Times it was stated “that parents have every right to refuse certain medical treatments for their children, but they have no right to endanger the children of other people. “Public health depends on “herd immunity” the inoculation of enough people to keep a disease from the larger community.

So take advantage of your new  health insurance plan and get immunized at no charge, there are many local places in Brentwood which offer immunization for a small nominal fee, should you be still under a grandfathered health insurance plan, which charges for immunizations.