Panel suggest to raise Medicare Eligibility Age to Rise to 67, as a way to be able to offer affordable health insurance in Santa Monica

A Health Care Leadership Council suggested to raise the age for people to become eligible for Medicare from 65 to 67 in an effort to  control the ever expanding medica cost, so that we will be still able have affordable health insurance in the USA and Santa Monica.

In their estimation this would save about $ 410 billion in a decade.  Furthermore the panel suggested that people earning more than $ 150,000 pay for the full cost of Medicare payments. Additionally it was suggested that  private health plans are suppose to cover more Medicare recipients in order to reduce cost.

Medicare, the U.S health program for elderly and disabled, currently covers 47 million people and spends $ 519 billion a year, accordingly to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Although many late baby boomers, like me, will be very disappointed in the step of raising the eligibility age, we must find ways to secure medicare for the elderly.We still believe that by working together  and controlling the drug cost, hospital cost , reducing the utilization of medical services and changing to a healthier  life style , we will  be able to offer  affordable health insurance in  Santa Monica.