How Do I Pick A Health Insurance Plan?

Picking a health insurance plan can be a tough choice. Start by writing down the main features of the plans you are considering, and compare them with each other. Be sure to write down any questions you have regarding the plans, and look information up along the way. Gather together important details, such as whether your hospital or doctor are included in the plan.

After receiving your answers, you’ll have to start setting priorities. Does one plan offer better rates for your hospital, but doesn’t include your primary physician? Which is more important to you? Also keep in mind that if you are a relatively healthy person, it might be smartest to pick the lowest costing plan, one that would cover you if an emergency or situation ever did arise. If you have a chronic condition, rates that cover specialists will become an important factor.

Many Californians are overwhelmed by the task of figuring out the new affordable care acts and how to maximize the benefits for your family. As your agent, we can help. Email us at or receive a free premium quote. We will make sure that we find you and your family an affordable health plan in California for 2016.