Health Insurance Affordability – What effect will the Gender Neutral rating have in California

Gender used to be a factor in determining accurate pricing in the California individual health insurance market.

Starting January 2011 accordingly to AB119 the gender rating will be eliminated for any health plan contract, and there are only gender neutral rates offered.
On maternity plans, which are very rare to find in the CA individual insurance market, there will be most likely a significant increase for male and a possible decrease for female insurance holders.
Furthermore in January all carriers have to offer individual insurance plans, which are in compliance to the health care reform. Advantages such as preventive care at no cost, no annual dollar limits for orthotics and medical equipment, will also come along with premium increases.
The only carrier who have approved rates for January is Blue Shield and Cigna.
Carriers such as Anthem Blue Cross, Healthnet, Kaiser Permanente are still not approved by the insurance commissioner.
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