Good news for affordable health insurance in Santa Monica, Anthem reduces rate

Good news Anthemjust informed that they are going ahead with the rate reduction for their policy holders, maybe, affordable health insurance in Santa Monica is still possible.

After a steep premium increase for Individual health insurance policy holder of approx. 18 %  in February ,Anthem agreed with California Department of Managed Healthcare and the California Department of Insurance and reduced the rate increase to a 13% percent overall increase for 2013, meaning that they reducing their premium increase  approx.5 percent.

This week, Anthem will  begin notifying the affected members of a potential rate reduction with a message on their upcoming bills. Anthem is  still working to finalize and file the new rates, and will give  additional information as soon as possible. They  expect the new, lower rates to be updated in Anthem systems for the May billing cycle, and members may receive refunds by the end of June.

We are thankful that Anthem has reduced their increase, but questioning  was this mess really necessary?

While announcing a premium increase over Thanksgiving , and most likely speculating that no really political protest will happen, as our politicians are in holidays,  finally in February our Insurance Commissioner was able to intervene with Anthem. At least Anthem reacted , while Aetna and Blue Shield will continue to do massive premium increases. I can only say – What a mess- But with all the insurance changes it is apparent that health  insurance agents are needed to navigate consumer through the changing and more confusing insurance world.

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