Back to School – a great time to review your life insurance in Santa Monica

Schools in Los Angeles  and Santa Monica started as early as in the middle of August. Many families are already back in normal routines. Now is the perfect time to Back to School review your life insurance needs. We often forget that life changes, such as marrying, buying a bigger house, the birth of a child, do trigger changes  in life insurance needs. Term rates are still very competitve, Universal Life Insurance Policies are a wonderful way to save for your retirement needs.
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Here are some reason for buying Life Insurance

Traditionally, the need for financial security has been triggered by major life events; when providing for your loved ones becomes more critical. Typical life events that increase the need for protection include:

  1. Marriage
  2. Birth of child
  3. Covering existing mortgage
  4. Income protection for spouse
  5. Purchase of a new home
  6. Planning for a child’s education
  7. Blended Families (Children and spouses from previous marriage)
  8. “Boomerang” Kids returning home
  9. Retirees and Pre-retirees
  10. Aging family members
  11. Depleted retirement savings and/or reduced assets
Read my guide to buying life insurance  and let’s plan together to find affordable life insurance for your family in Santa Monica,