Dental Insurance

For many people, dental insurance can be easily overlooked since it is secondary to their health insurance. Others may be unaware that the Affordable Care Act requires all health insurance plans to include pediatric dental and vision until the age of 19 at no additional cost to your health insurance premium.

If you have children, please review your health insurance’s pediatric dental insurance and see if you need additional coverage. Pediatric dental insurance normally covers 2 teeth cleanings a year, an oral exam and a preventative X-ray for free. If you are looking for additional services such as orthodontia coverage, you will have to have a dental plan on top of the pediatric dental included in the health insurance as orthodontia is not covered unless medically necessary. Most dental plans have waiting periods for major services from 6-12 months, especially for orthodontia. The waiting period is how long you must have your dental insurance in place before the insurer will cover a given service. Some dental insurers will incrementally increase their coinsurance coverageĀ on an annual basis for given services (e.g. 50% coinsurance the 1st year, 60% the 2nd year, 70% the 3rd year). If you are planning on having major services done, it is important to get the right dental plan in advance so you can better utilize your plan. For group coverage, you may not be subject to waiting periods but please review your dental plan’s summary of benefits for more information.

If you have a preferred dentist, please make sure they are in-network with your dental insurance plan. If not, you should change to a dental plan that has your dentist in-network or find a new dentist in your current plan’s network. It is always recommended to find an in-network dentist to fully utilize your plan.

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