Will I be able to buy health insurance on the state health exchange, covered CA, in California if I have a pre-existing health condition?

Good News for everyone  in California, who got denied health care coverage due to pre-existing health conditions, can in 2014 obtain health insurance through the state health exchange or any private exchange.

Starting in 2014, insurance companies will be required to sell policies to everyone regardless of current or past health issues, and they will be prohibited from using your health status to determine how much health insurance will cost. The only exception is your smoking status, which will experience an upgrade in your health insurance premium.

This means whether you buy insurance through a health state exchange or a private exchange you cannot be denied coverage or even screened based on a pre-existing medical condition.

This so called “guaranteed issue status” is only valid during the open enrollment period, which will start October 1, 2013 and ends March 31 2014 for the 2014 year.

This will be welcome news for many insured who currently are on Cobra and HIPPA plans, do make a point to contact Solid Health Insurance Services, to see what the  health insurance premium will be if you use the exchanges. The rates for the exchanges will be only available October 1, 2014, let’s see how affordable the health insurance premium will be in Santa Monica.