Obama asked for Latinos and Young people to enroll in the state exchange of California

Last week President Barack Obama  encouraged the uninsured Californians or those paying high prices for health insurance to sign up for coverage in the California State Exchange Covered California, beginning October 1st.

Obama used this trip to California to highlight how the state is implementing the Affordable Care Act and rebut continuing criticism over his signature legislative achievement. He touted an effort in the state to recruit Hispanics in particular to the health care exchanges that are being created to help millions of now-uninsured consumers afford coverage.

California has the country’’s biggest insurance market and, with 6 million uninsured residents, it is a crucial part of Obama’’s effort to get consumers to sign up for coverage. Thirteen insurance companies will be offering multiple health plans that vary in coverage and price through California”ns exchange, even in some of the most rural regions of the state.

Accordingly to Obama getting young people to enroll through the exchanges also is critical; they cost insurers less money because they tend to have the best health and don’’t require a lot of costly medical care.

But the undocumented who are currently able to get help at local hospitals will not be able to enroll in the state exchange. Especially Los Angeles has a high percentage of undocumented immigrants, so it is still  to be determined if we can lower the overall health care cost through the state exchange, while not having non documented immigrants have no health insurance coverage.

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