Mc Kinsey study projects a drop of employer sponsored health benefit- how will this impact the process of finding affordable health insurance in Brentwood

Finding affordable health insurance in Brentwood is a difficult process, the most recent Mc Kinsey study projects that over 30 percent of employers will stop offering health benefit in 2014, when new medical insurance exchanges are up in running. The consultants found out that 30 % of the employers would gain economically from dropping health care coverage even if they compensated employees for the change through higher salaries.

Losing employer-sponsored insurance would not prompt workers to leave their jobs. The Mc Kinsey study found that more than 85 % of employees would stay at their jobs, even if their employees stopped offering insurance, although about 60 % would expect increased compensation. In contrast to the Mc Kinsey study the Congressional Budget Office estimate that only 7 % of employees currently covered by employer-sponsored plans would have to switch to subsidized-exchange policies in 2014.

I personally think that both projections are very questionable. Currently employees are satisfied to be employed and do worry only secondary if the employer offers rich benefit. Once the labor market loosens, employees will seek employers with richer benefits. The health exchanges are not formed yet. We are struggling in California with an enormous state budget deficit, and I still don’t understand why we are spending any money on the health care exchanges when we cannot provide excellent education system in this state. Public Middle Schools and High Schools have 44 children in one classroom, this should be our first priority to fix. We do not need another governmental entity, like the health exchange, which cost many millions of dollars. We need top education in California. The private insurance industry with the new governmental guidelines which are already in place, will able us to find affordable health insurance in Brentwood and Califronia,