Healthy Tips for Fall – affordable health insurance in Santa Monica

Healthy tips for Fall – keeping healthy  is an important matter to find  affordable health insurance in Santa Monica


Enjoy this Fall Season and emphasis  outdoor exercise and good healthy eating habits, here are 10 great tips:

Flu Shots : in all new health insurance plan preventive flu shots immunization are free of charge. But even if you are on an grandfathered plan, Costco , Rite Aid, Wal greens offer flu shots between

$ 20-$30 , a cheap way to make sure that you the protection  for the upcoming winter season. Don’t forget in this Fall season to more frequently wash you hands so that you can stop the spread of the season’s cold and flu germs.

Exercise: With  the weather getting colder and the sun rays are less strong, it is the ideal season for long walks, hikes and bike tours in your local mountains and beaches. Going on a nature walk with the whole family and enjoying the colorful Fall foliage is a fantastic way to exercise and have fun. Or just enjoy a long tennis game or golf play with your friends.

Fall Allergies: Early Fall brings another season that triggers allergic reactions. Especially outdoor molds from fallen leaves, soil and rotten wood can trigger the allergens. To reduce the Fall allergens avoid being outdoods in the morning hours between 5:00 to 10:00 am, when pollen dispersal is peaking.

Diet: Autumn is synonymous with the apple harvest and many root vegetables are in season . Apples are rich in antioxidant s and flavonoids, both reduce the oxidation of LDL cholestol, inhibiting the growth of dangerous plaques along blood vessel wallsand naturally also dietary fiber which improves your digestion.

Check Ups – Have you had your annual check up. Remember most new health plans offer free preventive care, meaning that preventive mammograms, pap smears and preventive colonosopies are free of charge.

Drink plenty of Water – Dry central heat is damaging for your moisture level in skin and your body . Keep hydrated ( at least 8 glassed of water a day ) keep your mucous membranes hydrated, which will work more effectively to filter out disease causing organisms.

Keeping healthy and active in this Fall season is one way to improve the chance to find affordable health insurance  in  Santa Monica