Healthy Life Style Tips for 2012 – might help finding affordable health insurance in Santa Monica easier

One of the most critical aspects of finding  affordable health insurance  in  Santa Monica is to be in good shape, meaning not being overweight and having an active life style without taking medications. 

If you feel that you could be healthier, here are some ways to make that transition from headache to habit in a short amount of time. The first step is admitting you want to make a change. You don’t need a gym membership or fancy equipment to improve your fitness. Here are some slightly different ways of looking at the overall picture and getting yourself motivated. After all, motivation is half the battle!

  1. Move every day. Forget the stats that recommend an hour or more on several days a week. If you resolve to do something physical every single day, it will soon become a habit. Some movement is better than no movement. So walk an extra block or two after you take out the garbage, walk around the block before heading into the grocery store, take your bike out for small errands. Do anything to move outside your normal routine.
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  2. Don’t underestimate the power of walking. Again, every little bit helps. You’ve probably heard these tips before, but give them a try if you aren’t already doing so: park farther away – whether it’s at work or the grocery store – and get in a few extra steps. Have a meeting on another floor? Walk to it!
  3. Vary your activities. Try different things! What is available in your area? Are you near a public pool or beach? Own a bike? Have hiking trails nearby? Or just want to explore a new neighborhood? Try a little bit of everything until you find what you like. Don’t limit yourself to one exercise. Again, any activity you do is much better than none.
  4. Think about eating, right before you eat. A new study, published in Science, shows that when you imagine eating a certain food, it reduces your actual consumption of that food. The research shows that perception and mental imagery engage neurons in your brain and affect emotions, response tendencies and skilled motor behavior. So by imagining eating an unhealthy food that you love, you may actually lower your craving for it.
  5. Get an app to help you. There are many free exercise and nutrition applications that you can get for your smartphone. These can help track your progress, remind you to exercise or weigh yourself, offer exercise routines, and provide recipes. Go online to any search engine and type in “free fitness apps.” You’ll find one that’s right for you.

Make it a point for 2012 to live a healthy lifestyle, so that it will be easier for you to find affordable health insurance in Santa Monica.