Group Health Insurance – what you need to know to find affordable health insurance in West Los Angeles

Planning on starting a group health insurance for your small business, here are some guidelines to find affordable health insurance in West Los Angeles.

* Your business has to be more than two months in business. Make sure that the statement of information include all business partners of the company.

* You need to have a minimum of two full time employees, or in case of a corporation or LLC a minumum of two business partners or members. An employee is considered full time if they work 30 hours or more per week.

* Group health insurance must be offered to all full time employees regardless of age or medical history.

* Most insurance carriers require  that at least 75 percent of all full-time employees are covered by their group health insurance to qualify.

* Be prepared to show your corporation documentation, including article of incorporation, statement of information and payroll record of the last 3 months, ( DE-9 former DE6). Including your Employee Identification Number (EIN).

* Receive from us a complete review of all available plans from all insurance carrier. If you are looking for specific doctors to be covered, make sure to mention this up front, so that we can honor your request and find you a group  health insurance in West Los Angeles, which is affordable and meets your health insurance needs.