Cigna offers new health insurance plans to improve affordable health insurance in Santa Monica and California

Cigna just came out with their new Health Insurance Value Plans, which will help to find more affordable health  insurance in Santa Monica and California.

Cigna, who just recently entered the individual health insurance market in California, has  added a more affordable health insurance plan next to their HSA and Access Plan. The plan is called Access Value. The premium are more competitive priced.
With all new  California health plans preventive care is free of charge. The co-payments for normal doctor visits on the Access Value plans  are $ 40  and for Specialist $ 60.-,you still can go unlimited to the doctor. The  plans vary from deductibles as low as $1000 to as high as $5000. The co-insurance is 30 % until an additional $3000- $ 5000 is reached ( depending on the plan.).

What consumers should pay attention to is the prescription deductible for brand and formulary prescription. The standard plans offer a $ 500 deductible, but Cigna Access Value is asking for $ 3500 deductible, which is still considerably lower than many of Anthem plans where the brand and formulary prescription are as high as $ 7500.- per year. Why is this important? In case you are getting seriously ill you will most likely need brand or formulary prescription, so than you need to meet the annual high deductible before the insurance carrier will pay for your prescription.

We still think that Cigna’s new Access Plan is a good alternative for many clients and it will help us to offer affordable health insurance in Santa Monica.