Blue Shield announces another 283 million in premium refund – this is one way to offer affordable health insurance in Brentwood

 One way to offer affordable health insurance is the additional $ 283 premium refund announcement in December by Blue Shield Customers for its 2 million policy holders in California

 Blue Shield, the San Francisco non profit insurer, had promised to return money to their policyholders when its net income exceeded 2 % of revenue. After giving this months $ 167 million back to their 2 million subscribers. Blue Shield, announced that it will refund policyholders with another $ 283 million in December. Individual policyholders will see their December bills credited   $135 on average, while a family of four will average a $ 420 average credit, reducing their annual insurance cost by 4.5% . This is very welcome news in these difficult economic times.

With the new regulation that 80 % of consumer premiums have to be spent on medical care, maybe more insurers will follow suit. I will continue to follow this important mandate and hope that everyone will be offered  affordable health insurance in Brentwood, California.