Anthem, what are you thinking … we are tired of health insurance increases in Brentwood

Last month many Anthem policyholders received notices that their health insurance will increase. The average health insurance increase is 8 to 14 % , but many old policyholder who are on grandfathered Anthem plan experience premium increase between 20- 25 % .  This is not justified as federal figures show that the cost of goods in the healthcare area have grown approx. 3 to 6 percent.

Many prospects who have called me in the recent week got the advise from Anthem not to switch out of their  grandfathered plan. What a bad advise, why would you not switch into  the health care reform plans ? The premium might be lower, but more important you will receive free preventive care, such a free mammogram, papsmear and colonoscopy , which all old grandfathered plan do not offer. Anthem’s position is clear, they do not want to loose all the healthy people out of the grandfathered plan, as otherwise these plan will even get more expensive, as only people with illnesses remain in the old grandfathered plan.

On top of it Anthem send out the premium notices to the policy holder although the rates are not confirmed, and we have to wait until Friday what the final premium will be for May , and if it makes sense to switch into other plans. What a mismanagement, why upsetting policyholders without knowing the facts.

Let me help you to find affordable health insurance in Brentwood by comparing all the insurance carrier. Unfortunately company loyalty is not paid with better premium.