Anthem subscriber in Santa Monica might switch into newer plans without medical underwriting and find affordable health insurance

Many Anthem policy holders who have currently Share Plans and Smart Sense experienced higher premium increases in May. In order to keep affordable health insurance in Santa Monica, it is time to move out of these plans and consider new Anthem plans. Due to Serencsa Class Action lawsuit you have a small window to change plans without medical underwriting . Take action now . Here is more detail

Serencsa Settlement Movement Option

You can move to another Anthem Individual Policy/Plan
As a member of the Serencsa Class Action, you have the option to move to another policy/plan, without medical underwriting, as specified in your rate notification. Simply send in the form you received with your notification letter. You can choose any policy or plan currently available for sale to new members. (A policy is any coverage offered through Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company. A plan is any coverage offered through Anthem Blue Cross.)
If you have questions about your Serencsa movement options:
Reference your letter with important information about Serencsa options.
Call your Anthem agent – 310-909-6135.
Call our customer service team, Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 7:00 pm PST at 1-866-636-8991.
If you’re considering moving to a new Individual plan/policy, be sure to compare the benefits to your existing Individual policy. Also, when considering your options, please remember:
Changing your Individual policy could cause a loss of “grandfathered” status. Policies with “grandfathered” status are not subject to all of the mandates required by federal health care reform. Moving to a new Individual policy could cause a loss of “grandfathered” status. But, in some cases, if you choose to move to a new Individual plan/policy that includes a deductible increase only, you may be able to keep your “grandfathered” status. Please see your Policy to verify you have a “grandfathered” policy or contact your Anthem agent or our Customer Service team for further information.
You may not be able to move back to your existing policy. If you switch to another plan/policy, you may not be able to switch back in the future.
Your rate for a new Individual policy may be higher. Changing policies doesn’t guarantee your rates will be lower – now or in the future. Rates quoted on may not account for specific rating factors applicable to you and should not be relied on as a promise or guarantee of a specific rate. To determine the premium for any plan/policy you’re considering, call us at 1-866-636-8991, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. PST, or talk with your Anthem agent.
Anthem offers a variety of health care policies/plans to meet the needs of individuals and families. To see detailed information about the policies/plans currently offered in California, click the brochure links below.
Individual Plans Currently Offered by Anthem Blue Cross
PPO Share 3500, 5000, 7500
Select HMO
HMO Saver
Individual HMO
Individual Policies Currently Offered by Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company:
PPO Share 1000, 5000
Premier Plus
SmartSense® Plus
CoreGuardSM Plus
ClearProtectionSM Plus
Lumenos® HSA Plus
Lumenos® HSA 1500 Tonik®


Let us assist you to find an affordable health plan with Anthem and other carriers in Santa Monica , and please take advantage of the free medical underwriting in April and May.