Affordable Health Insurance in West Los Angeles – how healthy is living in Los Angeles?

[gplus count=”true” href=”” size=”Medium” ]Accordingly to the recently published  2010 America’s Health Ranking by United Health Foundation, we, Angelenos,  are living in the 26th healthiest state and these local factors will influence to find affordable health insurance in West Los Angeles.

Looking at the overall performance in California and in detail in Los Angeles, are some very interesting facts to be found.

Clinical Care: Our ranking in clinical care is badly, with rank 53 of 56 state.

Especially in Los Angeles, 28 % of all adults are uninsured, compared to CA statewide 24% and nationwide 13%. Our Primary care provider ratio is 884:1 , versus nationwide 631:1.  Los Angeles shows 69 preventable hospital dstays versus nation wide 52 stays. Our diabetic screening is only 73 % versus nationwide 89%,  mammography screening are 53% versus nationwide 74% . As mentioned in my most recent blog preventive health care is instrumental for reducing the overall healthcare cost. We Angelenos have a long way to go, and we must find a way to reduce the high number of uninsured and improve screening of preventive health care especially for diabetic and Asthma patients, otherwise our health care premium will remain high.

Furthermore our physical environment , especially air pollution ranks 50 out of 56 and social & economic factors 42 out of 56, with especially high unemployment rate 11.6 %, inadequate social support, high number of  single support household and with 60 % low high school gradation rate versus 92% nationwide, are alarming signs, that we need change in Los Angeles.

But not all news are bad, our health behaviors are ranked 18 of 56 state. Angelenos smoke less, are less obese 21% versus 25 % nationwide, drive more carefully and have plenty of access to healthy foods.

Once we can get the economy going we will see a lower percentage of uninsured Angelenos.But we got to put all our efforts in better education, offer more free preventive health care, a better social support system and a better health education system, so that we can lower our overall health care cost.

Once we lower our health care cost it will be easy to find affordable health insurance in West Los Angeles.