Act now if you want to switch your health insurance for January 1st 2015

If you want to make changes to your health insurance in California for an effective date for January 1st, 2015. You have to act now as the deadline is Monday December 15th.

As an independent  health insurance agent I have been in contact with many of my clients and I see the following trends for the Los Angeles Area for 2015:

Cigna PPO Policyholders:

Cigna is moving all customers to the Affordable Care Act plans. Unfortunately their  premium are similar to Anthem now and the network is especially in Los Angeles narrower as it was in the past. Many of my clients switching to Assurant, Anthem or Blue Shield.

Anthem EPO Policyholders: 

The 10 % increase of the health insurance premium causes current policyholders to switch to Blue Shield PPO plans, which are approx. $ 50- $ 60 lower in price than Anthem. But with the switch to Blue Shield it means not to have UCLA and Cedar Sinai in network.

Health Net PPO Policyholders:

with the 10-12% increase many policyholders consider to switch to Assurant, which offers the largest network of all the carriers and their 2015 premium are as the 2014 Health Net rates.

Blue Shield PPO Policyholders:

With the 6 % increase Blue Shield PPO remains still the most affordable PPO insurance carrier and if you are satisfied with your health plan I recommend to stay.

Assurant PPO Policyholders:

Many current policyholders remain on their plan due to large network, however the premium increase from 2014 to 2015 has been steep and people switch mostly to Blue Shield or Anthem.

Kaiser HMO Plans:

Kaiser have reduced their premium in 2015 and is now pretty similar priced to Blue Shield. Policyholders which were unsatisfied with their health plan in 2014 are switching to Kaiser to try their system.

If you want to make a switch to your health insurance for an effective day for January 1st you have to act now, the deadline is December 15th . For a free quote contact or click here to go to website Solid Health Insurance and shop your health insurance rates for 2015 inside or outside Covered California.