10 Healthy Tips to make this Holiday Season enjoyable and meaningful in Santa Monica

For many of us the holiday season is a time filled with joy. However, that joy is often accompanied by some anxiety. Your specialist for affordable health insurance in Santa Monica offers you below  10 healthy tips for a meaningful and enjoyable holiday season in Santa Monica:

1) Set Manageable Expectations: Remember you are not Superwoman or Superman! Understand that you cannot do everything!  Understand that you cannot be everywhere! Make a priority list for your most important events and activities for you and your family.

2) Enjoy activities that are cheap or free: There are many holiday related activities that add to your family’s enjoyment and do not have to cost a lot of money. Bake Christmas or Chanukah cookies together, go Ice Skating with the whole family  in Santa Monica, enjoy a walk on Third Street Promenade and just watch the Holiday decoration together and the many street musicians in Santa Monica.

3) Enjoy your own Family TraditionTraditions provide opportunities to keep our family ‘s legacy going . Might it be writing holiday cards together, baking a gingerbread house, decorate hangers with nice holiday wrapping paper. or looking together for Christmas trees and than going afterward to drink a nice hot chocolat. Create your own family traditions.

4) Do Something for Someone Else: One of our family tradition is it to feed the needy on Thanksgiving as a family project. We are not getting on Thursday Turkey, but we are enjoying that we can give someone-in-need a nice Thanksgiving. Instead of shopping on Friday we eat our turkey than.

5) Assign a designated driver for your holiday party:  Unfortunately especially during the holidays many are driving while under the influence of alcohol. Make sure to have at the beginning of a party clarified who the designated driver will be for the evening. Do not drive and  drink. Call a taxi, it is not worth the risk.

6) Dedicate one or more gift for the needy : During Christmas or Chanukah we give to many gifts to our children. Instead, make a point to buy a gift for the needy or make a donation as a family for a good cause. Whoever created the idea that on Chanukah each day the children receive a gift. Make it a point to give during this holiday season. You will feel better and less stressed.

7) Get your final 2011 health check up:  Your annual deductible and out-of-pocket maximum renews January 01, 2012. Get your final health check up for 2011 done, so that you can take advantage of  the fact that you already met your payments for your deductible in 2011.

8) Get your preventive teeth cleaning in 2011   Remember most plans give you twice a year a free cleaning. Contact your dentist to see if you have met your “6 months date” in between teeth cleaning. Remember deductibles renew January 2012.

9) Get your flu immunization , and for older readers, your pneumonia and shingles immunization Remember all new health care plans offer free preventive care and free immunizations.  In this season take advantage of this service and do not forget to wash your hands frequently.

10 )Laugh and have a good time during this Holiday Season in Remember a good time with family and friends and many good  laughter is often the best medicine you can prescribe for yourself. Do not take everything so serious, remember that no one is perfect and nothing has to be perfect. In Cologne we have a good saying, “Jeder Jeck is anders”, meaning “everyone is different, take everyone as he is, not as you like him to be.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving and a joyous start to the Holiday Season in  Santa Monica,

Your Specialist for affordable health insurance in Santa Monica.